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Music Review by Victoria Scott & Staff 

 Local Minneapolis musician, Jimmy Lyback, founded the band July Fighter and they have been making music together for almost 10 years. July Fighter has had several popular releases such as their EP, Ordinary Lifestyle (2018), a self-titled album July Fighter (2010), Summer Rain (2012), and Live and Let Live in (2103). July Fighter has played both in and around Minneapolis, and also on a National level opening for bands such as Blind Melon, Sponge, and several other well known acts. Their song "Tell Me What You Want" is a great way to get acquainted with their undeniable talent and mass appeal.

July Fighter hits listeners with a positive, crowd-pleasing song, "Tell Me What You Want", off their newly released album Karma. This pop-rock love song presents a solid blues-rock progression on the organ with a rockin' rhythm section. The drums set up the groove nicely as the smooth vocals take center stage. During the bridge, the organ performs a fantastic solo that will put a smile on your face. It's great to hear the organ; it adds a certain nostalgic touch that feels like home. A smokin' melodic guitar solo is equally tasteful. The two instruments play off each other well.

“Tell Me What You Want” is an upbeat tune with a heartfelt message. The song is about doing what it takes to make a positive difference in a relationship or in the world. "If you give this world some love, it will come back in spades." The band’s free-spirited and exhuberant performance style locks your ears in from start to finish. The chorus is as catchy as it gets making "Tell Me What You Want" a tune that could easily chart. It's the kind of song you will be singing along to in no time at all. July Fighter is an incredible band who knows how write a great hook.They have extraordinary musicianship and their arrangement is engaging and fun. July Fighter has been on the map for almost ten years and songs like "Tell Me What You Want" are proof positive that their staying power is very deep. With mass appeal, “Tell Me What You Want” has all the makings of a break-out song.